Sign Language

Lesson 1 - Gestures & Body Language

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What will i learn?
  • covering the basic fundamentals of American Sign Language

Curriculum for this course
9 Lessons 20:39:52 Hours
2 Lessons 18:15:05 Hours
  • Learn your ABC's 17:55:00
  • ABC's, Colors & Pronouns 00:20:05
  • Antonyms & Common Phrases 00:17:23
  • Around the House & Hobbies 00:18:51
  • People, the Body & Clothes 00:20:33
  • Time & Calendar 00:26:04
  • Verbs & Directions 00:19:57
  • Food & Drinks 00:21:23
  • Animals & Sports 00:20:36
  • Active hands
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Have you ever wanted to learn sign language? If you are looking for a proven way to learn and you want to skip the college classes, come join our online learning platform. In 10 simple lessons, our ASL expert will have you signing and communicating. Come learn the most beautiful language you've ever seen!

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  • Wed, 21-Aug-2019
    Sigourney Alden
    Growing up, I never knew or met any deaf people. Till 5 or so years ago we got deaf neighbors a few doors down. I helped them with a car issue once and we got to know each other since. In a short time I picked up a little sign from them. One day I was in a store and a person waved me down in an aisle and tried to ask me a question. I noticed his hearing aid and began to use what little sign I knew, then realized I knew more than I thought. He wanted my opinion on choosing a color of spray paint for his son's bike. I was able to understand and help him out and it was a good feeling. Since then I have been using these videos to learn even more. Thank you for the work and the time it takes to make these videos
  • Wed, 21-Aug-2019
    James Turner
    It was really Insightful. Thank you
  • Wed, 21-Aug-2019
    Mark Leslie
  • Wed, 21-Aug-2019
    Kim Fullerton
    wow this is great
  • Wed, 21-Aug-2019
    Sierra Goodrich
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